Lucky Box

Marvel - MCC Captain America [481] - Lucky Box [35 Spots]



Someone will win the original mint in box Marvel - Captain America [481] Funko Pop Vinyl for just £14.99!

Please be clear on the rules of the Big Pop Store Lucky Box:

1) Only 1 of 35 people will win Cap, 20 others will get a common the remaining 14 will get an exclusive stickered Funko Pop Vinyl.

2) Your box is guaranteed to contain 1 Funko Pop Vinyl. Common Pops have to be included in order for someone to be able to win the Grail. The odds are against you.

3) You may not get a Funko Pop Vinyl you want. We're sorry about that but please understand this is about risk vs reward.

4) There are only 35 spots in this Find the Grail.

5) This is completely random. The Funko Pop Vinyl's are boxed up in advance, mixed around and then shipping labels are added later randomly.

6) UK shipping is now included in the £14.99 price!.

7) Returns and refunds are not accepted under any circumstances.

8) Shipping commences once all 35 boxes have been sold.

This is the list of Pops included in this Find the Grail.

1x Marvel - Captain America [481]

20x Mixed Common Funko Pops

14x Exclusive Stickered Funko Pops


Good luck!!